Quiet days and speaking

I am convinced that everyone – no matter what their personality type, gender, age, faith, or vocation – can benefit from spending time in guided self-reflection and retreat. I have facilitated a number of quiet days with local faith groups and retreat centres which aim to help participants grow in wholeness and self-awareness.

Self-awareness is not just about nurturing the self. People who are self-aware are generally better at being other-aware. People who are committed to their own self-development make better colleagues, parents, siblings, friends, managers, leaders, and lovers: they are “good people” to know. Communities of self-aware people become communities which are outward looking, inclusive, and a force for good in the world around them.


With this purpose in mind, I am available to facilitate quiet days or offer talks on a number of topics for groups or organisations. For quiet days, I usually offer short reflections throughout a day, followed by periods of silence with suggestions on how that silence might be used, and I am available to offer a one-to-one listening ministry throughout the day. I don’t usually have a child on my knee when I do these things, but it has been known…

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